Speed Limit Warning System

Smart Monitoring, Smart Warning

Keeping track of your vehicle’s speed can be challenging with so many mental distractions. The human mind naturally drifts from thought to thought. It can be even more challenging to adjust your speed between highways and residential areas where speed limits constantly change. The smart phone application enables you to focus on driving without the added worry of speeding violations.
An audible notification sounds from your smart phone if you are 10 KM above the posted speed limit. The audible notification will intensify once the automobile is traveling at a rate more than 20 KM above the posted speed limit. The warning notification can be received either audibly or visually, as to not disturb passengers.


The automatic, hassle-free application is great for avoiding:
Costly speeding tickets,
Suspended driving infractions;
and collisions…making you, our communities, and our roads safer.