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Speed Limit Warning System

Smart Monitoring, Smart Warning

It is hard to keep track of your speed when you drive with so much going on in your mind. It is even harder to notice the speed violation when you suddenly exit off the highway and travel through residential areas. With this smart phone application, now you can concentrate on your driving without worrying about getting a speeding ticket.
A high quality Speedometer warning application with sophisticated artificial intelligence built into it which constantly monitors the speed at which you are travelling and comparing it with the allowed speed limit on any road. It will issue an audible alarm from the smart phone if the driver is going over 10 KM above the posted speed limit. The audible alarm will become more alarming once the automobile is going at the rate more than 20 KM above the posted speed limit. The driver doesn’t need to switch on anything or set any speed alarm limit for this to work. Great for avoidingcostly speeding tickets, suspended drivers licenses, needless injuries and fatalities.
The warning alarm mode can be switched to Audio or Visible flashing light in order not to disturb the passengers.