Smart Cell Phone Disable

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Keeping you safe on the road, Keeping your money in the pocket.
Ugran’s Patented Artificial Intelligence of “Drive Safe System” installed in Android or iOS will restrict the use of smart phones by drivers by disabling the screen interface for input and output.

Currently, smart phones have become information hubs to people and a way of life. There is valuable information available to us at our fingertips, whenever we want it. This can be a great convenience, but also a big distraction. This is especially a concern because of distracted driving when people use these devices while driving automobiles. The introduction of the touch screen and smart phones have introduced drivers to use functions such as texting, emailing, surfing internet, taking photos, updating Facebook status and playing games in moving vehicles thinking to productively use their driving time, even knowing the dangers of distracted driving.
New laws are being put in place to make cell phone usage illegal while driving. However, distracted driving due to the cell phone usage is increasing day by day with people taking life threatening risks, increasing the need for distracted driving checks by law enforcement agencies and sleepless nights for parents of young drivers.
Ugran Drive Safe Inc. provides a great solution to prevent drivers from distracted driving due to cell phone usage while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. It can significantly improve the safety of drivers as well as protect people’s lives while they are on the road. It is integrated in a customer’s smart phone; it will keep the smart phone quiet during your drive. Ugran Drive Safe will reduce the distracting information notifications of your device while you are driving. UGRAN Inc. has patented and developed a unique and new “Drive Safe System” to automatically prevent dangerous portable computing device usage, including cell phones, operated by drivers without intervention.
This innovative technology enables safe operation of any portable computing devices by providing a complete disable system to prevent drivers from using distracting functions such as texting, emailing, surfing internet, taking photos by drivers of moving vehicles and provide all normal operations to passengers in an automobile. The unique artificial intelligence disable system is implemented combining telematics and several electro-magnetic technologies already available in a smartphone.


Automatic operation without any intervention by drivers.
Allows operation of cell phones using the blue tooth and hands free devices.
Silences incoming text notifications.
Automatic text notification to sender about the drive mode status.
Emergency calls are permitted during the drive mode.
Google map navigation is allowed in the drive mode.
Differentiates between the driver and the passenger in a moving vehicle, allowing to disable only the cell phones used by drivers.
Patented “ Passenger Authentication Technology “